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Running a creative studio or mobile party business can feel overwhelming.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  You've found the right place to give you the support and tools you need to grow your business to the next level. 

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You have a passion for helping other create-- but you have so many questions about launching or growing your business.

  • What projects should I offer?
  • How often should I post on Facebook? What should I post?
  • How do I grow a client base?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • What are the best products to source?
  • How do I stand out from the competition?

Are you ready to have a plan instead of being in a constant state of overwhelm?

Starting and running a business is hard. Sometimes it feels impossible to wear all the hats required of a solo-preneuer. From product development to advertising, to wood worker and order fulfillment-- It. Is. A. Lot.

There are probably days you look at your to-do list and feel tired before you even begin.  I get it. 

This is why I created Raising Makers Bootcamp. 

This training program is a step by step course to help you align yourself to your mission, stand out from the competition, plan your social media marketing and source and develop your product launches so you can go from surviving in your creative business to THRIVING in your handmade business.

Hey there!


Read my story  ➝

Hello, I'm Heather.

 I have a passion for creating.  Creating art, Creating community and most of all-- helping others learn to create their own profitable DIY business while juggling busy life.

I'm a momma of two amazing kiddos, living in Florida as a transplant from Wisconsin.  I love the color navy, the sound of the ocean and admiring beautiful views.  I believe that every person is an artist-- and it's my mission to help connect them to their inner creative soul!  

We were created by a Creator to create-- and you don't have to go about it alone.  
If you have the yearning in your soul to start a business, or if you've already started but feel alone-- You're not anymore! 

I have a brick and mortar studio and I’ve paid a lot of money in the past for programs that weren’t quite a match for me. I was hesitant and asked a bunch of questions and finally joined. I’m so glad I did. I learned more about my “why”, how to organize better, what kinds of projects to offer, and so much more! Thanks ladies for putting this together!

  Connie Deibler
BEST Business Investment for Shop Owners

Just finished up the April 2022 Training. WOW. I am shocked at how much information was given within a small timeframe. The gals are passionate about what they do and they tell it all! I opened my DIY Workshop just 5 months ago, and as a one-man show starting from the ground up and still working full time, this is exactly what I needed to propel my business forward. My sales have not been as great as I anticipated just starting out, but I've already implemented just a couple of things on my social media and it's increased my sales in just a week's time. Looking forward to continuing to digest all the information and implement even more great ideas. Although, it's only been a couple of days since I finished Bootcamp -- I really feel a breakthrough coming for my business with just a few adjustments needing made!


Chasiti Begley
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Training to help you grow your business to the next level.

Resources for every stage.

Step 1: Maker Bootcamp

Kick off your Raising Makers Experience with our bootcamp.  We cover:

  • How to make your brand stand out from the competition
  • Sourcing Products
  • Building Walls of Protection for your business
  • SEO and Social Media Best Practices
  • Ordering Processes, Websites and Systems

What are you waiting for?  


Step 2: Raising Makers Community

This community is designed for those who have completed Raising Makers Bootcamp.  We strive to create a community to collaborate, confide, build up, encourage and teach.  Included with your membership is:

  • Weekly Trainings
  • 5 SVGs with Marketing Photos every Month
  • 5 Social Media Post templates for engagement
  • Live Q & A sessions and brainstorming Sessions with a community of makers
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One on One Coaching

We all encounter hurdles in our business.  These sessions are open for you to ask your questions, gain insight and come up with an action plan to overcome the obstacles in your way.

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